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Hookedonphonics: Hooked On Phonics Reading Program For Children

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Hooked On Phonics - Everything you need to help your child to succeed!

With Hooked On Phonics Learn to Read you will receive 5 color-coded levels that begin with early reading skills and progress all the way up to a third-grade level. Each level contains Hooked On Phonics musical audiotapes that walk your child through learning letter sounds and combinations, Hooked On Phonics workbooks filled with games and hands-on activities, and beautifully illustrated books - many by award-winning children's authors and illustrators. And to help your child learn independently, Hooked On Phonics have also added an interactive CD-ROM to Level 1. After just a few short lessons, your child should begin reading to you!
Nothing builds excitement like success! Each of the 4 Hooked On Phonics Master Reader levels is loaded with interactive computer games, attention-grabbing stories, and an exciting chapter book to make learning fast, effective, and really fun!

In addition to boosting reading skills, your child will read fascinating stories about sports heroes, animal wonders, great inventions, and more. With Hooked On Phonics Master Reader, your child will come away from each lesson with newfound confidence!

Hooked On Phonics, Teach Phonics Online: Hooked On Phonics Children's Reading System

The results show that Hooked On Phonics works! Parents everywhere are letting the Hooked on Phonics team know about the exciting progress their children are making with Hooked on Phonics products. They're telling the Hooked on Phonics team about their children's improvements not only in reading and math, but also in the tremendous boost in their confidence and self-esteem. As parents, we know there is no greater moment than seeing our children succeed, and no greater feeling for children than knowing they can. Hooked on Phonics works!
  • Hooked On Phonics are the #1 trusted name in teaching children to read.
  • 4 out of 5 parents see results within just 4 weeks by using Hooked On Phonics.
  • Children using Hooked On Phonics gain not just in reading skills, but also in confidence, math skills and better grades all round.
  • Hooked On Phonics is very affordable.
Hooked On Phonics really is extremely affordable, but cost aside, the real question is not whether you can afford to - but rather "can you afford not to!" When you invest in Hooked on Phonics for your child, you're making a real difference not only in their childhood achievments, but in their success as teenagers and as adults. You really can make a big difference - let it start right now.

Hookedonphonics: Hooked On Phonics Reading Program For Children

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