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Recognising that customers are increasingly price-conscious, Sainsbury's focus on making healthy food affordable, while inspiring customers to cook, and at Sainsbury's Online Store you can take advantage of the same great range of products, including fresh fruit and vegetables, as you can in your local store.

However, although Sainsbury's work hard to make its products as healthy as possible, without sacrificing quality or taste, Sainsbury's are also committed to providing customers with easy-to-understand labelling, and helping customers make informed choices about the food and drink they purchase.

With a history of more than 140 years, and close to 800 stores throughout the UK, Sainsbury's is one of the most recognised high-street names in the UK.

From its very first shop in Drury Lane, London, in 1869, Sainsbury's has come a long way, and now operates close to 800 stores in the United Kingdom, with over 2,000 suppliers, more than 30,000 products, and with a staff of more than 150,000.

Now, with the advent of online shopping, Sainsbury's is making its name in online retail too, and offers a real alternative to other online stores, such as Tesco, which has previously been dominant in this sector for several years.

Select the following Sainsbury's link to buy groceries, home goods and more, at the Sainsbury's UK Website

Even though Sainsbury's customers are often looking to economise with their shopping, concerns regarding the environment, and ethical-trading practices, also remain important to them.

However, while continuing to ensure that Sainsbury's products are affordable, and of high quality, Sainsbury's has always taken a leading stance on the issues which are important to customers, and is the recipient of many an award for its ethical and environmental credentials.

The array of products on offer at Sainsbury's is forever changing, with new products being added all the time. However, listed below you'll find a small selection of some current Sainsbury's offers to take advantage of:

Whodunit this time? Cluedo, the all-time classic murder mystery game, has had an upgrade for a more modern crime cracking experience! The suspects - Kasandra Scarlett (famous actress), Jacob Green ("go-to guy"), Jack Mustard (ex football player), Victor Plum (billionaire video game designer), Eleanor Peacock (manners freak from a political family) and Diane White (former child star) - have new occupations, backgrounds and more fully developed characters - plus they each have a special ability that can be us

Toshiba Regza 26AV615DB 26" HD Ready Digital LCD TV
This HD Ready LCD screen from Toshiba is a great TV, with a range of useful technologies built-in to keep the clutter down. It has a digital tuner to get Freeview, while it also has HDMI and a PC connection option to watch HD television with amazing detail. The lovely black bevelled design hides good, slim speakers that offer great stereo performance. The digital auto-tune keeps things incredibly easy, while Active Vision technology makes the TV images look their best. Component video connections let you c

Bindeez 3D Super Studio
No heat, no glue, no mess - and perfectly safe! Bindeez magic beads bind together with water, so you can design and make your own jewellery with the greatest of ease. The Bindeez 3D Super Studio is a great way to make creative 3D designs. The well at the bottom allows you to make cubes, spheres and pyramids, while the colour dome at the back allows you to select your colour and add it to the template. Clip the designs into place to keep them from falling apart while you use the air tubes to dry them quickl

Morphy Richards Silver Opera Kettle
The Morphy Richards Silver Opera Kettle is a stylish and quirky addition to any kitchen. Unlike most modern kettles, the Opera whistles when it boils, giving you a cheerful reminder to use the water. This in turn saves energy and water for re-boiling. Don't fancy the noise when you're preparing a late-night cuppa? Simply turn off the whistle function and the kettle remains quiet. The illuminated water gauge also helps you save power, because now you can boil only as much water as you need at a time. The 3

Sainsbury's Shaggy Chenille Bath Mat Teal
This absorbent bath mat comes in a fun array of colours that will complement any bathroom. Made of 100% cotton, this long pile mat feels soft after a hot bath or shower - a treat for your feet!

Draper 82mm Planer 480W
This electric planer will make quick work of any lumps of wood in the way of a flat, smooth finish. Designed with reversible HSS blades, this planer will cut to 0.6mm, and is fully adjustable to give you extreme control. A soft grip handle will keep your hands comfortable for longer, while a dust extraction nozzle will keep shavings from building up around the area of work. The width of the cutting surface is also adjustable. A must-have for the serious carpenter. Comes with a 1 year guarantee.

Dyson Zorb Carpet Powder
This clever cleaning powder is designed to be used in conjunction with any Dyson vacuum to give grubby carpets a spring clean that will leave them looking and smelling fresher and newer. Simply sprinkle the moist powder on the offending carpet or rug then leave for half an hour, in which time the tiny particles will have attached themselves to thousands of dust, bacteria and mould spores, which are swiftly sucked up into your vacuum - leaving behind a pleasant flowery smell.

LEGO Technic Go-Kart
Rev it up and whiz around the track with this awesomely detailed LEGO Technic Go-Kart! The go-kart has real working front steering, and a piston that moves up and down when the go-kart drives. The set includes instructions for rebuilding the LEGO Technic Go-Kart into a lawn mower. LEGO's watchwords are "Education through play": from LEGO's simplest DUPLO products through to the most complex and sophisticated adult targeted robot models, the act of building and creating stimulates the imagination and devel

Tu Pillowcase Non-iron Pair Green
These convenient non-iron pillowcases in green are attractive and simple. Great value for money, the polycotton blend has a 180 thread-count for comfort and longevity. The pillowcase measures 70cm x 50cm. Machine wash at 40°C.

Nano Armband (MB769G/A)
A great way to carry your iPod Nano while exercising is the iPod Nano Armband from Apple. Fully velcro-adjustable, this armband will fit a wide range of arm sizes, and will keep your iPod and cables neatly in place while you exercise. People who wear their iPods on their waistbands or elsewhere often get cables tangled while exercising, and the armband keeps them out of the way. Comes in a neutral grey, so it will go with all the iPod colours and whatever colours you may be wearing. It also accommodates th

Panasonic Upright Bags 296 PN21
Replacement vacuum cleaner bags for a range of Panasonic upright vacuum cleaners. These bags offer a high level of filtration, maximising the amount of dust caught while vacuuming. Also resilient and resistant to breakage for extra safety. Each box contains 5 bags. These bags are suitable for the following Panasonic series: MCE40, MCE450, MCE460, MCE50, MCE550, MCE560, the ICON series, and the MCE580 series.

Sainsbury's Tufted Bath Mat Cream
Pure cotton, this 80cm x 50cm pedestal mat is a nice addition to any bathroom. Easy to wash, neutral in design and extremely soft, it has raised cotton tufts making for a striped design that is visual appealing. Matching pedestal mat available. Machine washable at 40ºC.

Tu Kids' Bedset with Mattress Protector
This child's mattress protector has a PVC backing to protect your mattress from the inevitable spills and leaks that happen at night during childhood. It's designed to be used underneath a normal bed sheet and washed at 40ºC when necessary. This water resistant protector will extend the life of a mattress and keep it as hygienic as possible.

Ring o' Roses Fifi
Fifi and the Flowertots are a cheerful bunch who love the environment and have lots of fun together! They love to sing and play, and your child will love playing Ring o' Roses with Fifi. Just hold Fifi's hands and she magically begins to sing. Join hands in a circle, include Fifi in the ring and dance around and around, singing along with her. When the game is over, just let go and her song will end! It's well established that nursery rhymes aid in children's mental development, with the rhythm and rhyme

Chef'n Palm Brush
Scrub your vegetables easily, quickly and safely with this palm held scrubbing brush from Chef'n. Simply slide your finger through the soft rubber slot at the back of the brush and let it sit snugly into your palm. Then just begin brushing even slippery vegetables, without the worry of it slipping off. Featuring short and stiff nylon bristles, this green and cream brush is suitable for use with either hand and can be put in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Weight Watchers Ultra Slim Glass Body Analyser Scales
These scales are ideal for the accurate measurement and monitoring of body weight, BMI, body fat and body water. The ultra slim design and brushed metal and glass finish give it an airy and sleek look. They feature a 4 user memory, BMI, body fat and body water measurer, impact resistant safety glass, large display, and they measure in stone, pounds or kilos with a maximum weight capacity of 23 stone. Long-life battery included. 15 year warranty.

Ross 32" LCD Tilt Wall Bracket
Suitable for televisions between 23-32", this small, simple LCD wall bracket is excellent for picture-like fixing on the wall. With the ability to tilt for your ideal viewing angle, its subtle look and simple fixings ensures a straightforward installation.

Fuji Finepix J20 10-Megapixel 3x Zoom Digital Camera Black
This simple, black compact camera offers great performance on a budget, and a super-slim body to boot. A 10-megapixel sensor takes high resolution images, while the 2.9x zoom lens (35.5mm-106.5mm equivalent) allows you flexibility in your shooting. A stabilisation function lets you take photos even in darker areas without motion blur. A full range of auto functions and flash make this a great little walk-around camera to take with you everywhere, be it picnics or parties. Takes SD cards, and comes with a

Maxell Crystal Budz Headphones Black
This pair of in-ear headphones have a polished stainless steel body and a high quality fabric-type cable, a soft and flexible earpiece and fully faceted drop-cut black Swarovski crystals that subtly shine. These in-ear headphones deliver the frequency range and response found in full size headphones, all while isolating you from external noise.

Ross SCART Lead
SCART connects almost all DVD, VCR and Digital players to your television and this SCART lead from Ross does the job if you need a spare or replacement cable.

Sainsbury's Extra Deep Large Bookcase Maple
Sainsbury's has created this bookcase to help out with all your storage needs. This model has 5 shelves, 3 of which are adjustable allowing you to tailor this bookcase to your exact needs. Although intended for books, this maple effect case could display and store DVDs, beauty products and other small ornaments. Arrives flat packed requiring full assembly, so it can be put together in the correct room without having to squeeze it through a door or stairwell. Full instructions and fixtures come included in

Different by Design Champagne Flute 4 Pack
For those special occasions, make a toast with a glass from this pack of champagne flutes from Different by Design. Gift boxed, they're ideal as a present or as an addition to your own home. These glasses are hand-wash only.

York Diamond C302 Cycle
If you have a serious attitude to exercise and want a sturdy and high class cycle machine then this high performance machine from York is just the piece of equipment you need. Eighteen fitness test results will push your body to extreme limits and with four heart rate programmes you can easily get your heart beat racing. Get lots of feedback on how your workout is advancing on the large LED display which shows you 10 function results and also measure your heart rate with the hand pulse sensors situated on

Belkin iPod Touch Leather Sleeve
Express your personality and individual style while protecting your iPod from scratches, scuffs and dirt with the Belkin iPod Touch Leather Sleeve. This sexy black leather sleeve will fit any 2nd generation iPod Touch. The clear screen protector lets you navigate menus as easily as ever, while the sleeve's design allows access to the ports and dock connector. The Belkin iPod Touch Leather Sleeve is made from structured, durable leather and carries a lifetime manufacturer's guarantee.

LEGO Power Miners Granite Grinder
Underground, there's a continuing battle being fought. Hungry rock monsters are on the loose, gobbling up crystals and causing havoc... but rock monsters beware - don't get in the way of this heavy-duty mining machine! The rough, tough LEGO Power Miners Granite Grinder hunts for crystals, and its double-pronged jackhammer is just the tool for the job! Smash apart rocks, load crystals into the trailer and haul them back to base. The jackhammer really works when vehicle treads roll! The Granite Grinder featur

Bosch PSR 12 Cordless Drill Driver
A compact portable drill/driver and charger in a practical carry case. Bit storage on the tool's body, 10 torque settings and a keyless chuck make the PSR 12 an efficient drill/screwdriver combination. An integrated work light helps with visibility in tight areas, while a soft grip handle, lightweight body and trigger switch control of drill and driving speeds make this a particularly handy tool.

Tu Black Aluminium 20cm Frying Pan
Time for tasty, indulgent, full English breakfast? The Sainsbury's own brand leads the pack with this aluminium frying pan. Large enough to cook several sausages, eggs, rashers or whatever takes your fancy at once, the frying pan heats evenly and is suitable for gas or traditional electric hobs. Constructed from lightweight, durable aluminium with a classic, non-stick black finish and heat-proof handles, this piece of elegant and long lasting cookware will serve you for years to come. Not suitabl

Singer Confidence 7465 Sewing Machine
Design, make and repair your own clothes, linen and textiles with the Singer Confidence 7465 Sewing Machine. The Singer Confidence 7465, made by a company drawing on more than 150 years of experience, aims to set new standards in ease of use and its range of features. With 50 built in automatic stitches, the Singer Confidence 7465 Sewing Machine is perfect for a huge range of sewing applications, yet simple to thread and operate. This machine can handle a variety of heavy duty tasks like sewing through lay

Tu Satin Square Quilt Duck Egg
Perfect for snuggling up in luxury in your own living room, this quilted faux satin throw is silky soft, cosy and fashionable. In classic duck egg, it will go with just about any colour scheme and is fully machine washable. Use this throw for extra warmth in bed, as a lap rug while in front of the TV - the possibilities are endless.

Thomas Steam Ahead Panel Duvet Set
Perfect for kids who love the hit TV show Thomas and Friends, this duvet and pillowcase set will delight your youngster! Made from 55% cotton and 45% polyester with a 132 thread count, the duvet cover fits a single bed duvet (200x135cm) and comes with a single standard pillowcase. For extra convenience, the set can be machine washed at 40°C and tumble dried.

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